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Hi!  We're Freddie and Jacqui!

In 2011 we took the decision to change our lives by giving up our careers, & selling our home.  We bought a boat and sailed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean... Upon the purchase of our boat, the name 'Shavora' was decided upon.  (It is Romany for companions, the Romany aspect coming from Freddie's ancesters.)

12+ years later, over 80,000+ miles sailed, the Atlantic crossed and the Caribbean duly sailed to and explored, we found a boat wrecked in Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies,  to rebuild and bring back from potentially Old Davy's locker!  From this, the wrecked boat's previous owner asked us to renovate 'Lady White' back to its former glory, the sister boat to the one we had just bought.. upon its completion, the owner was so pleased, he asked us to charter her.. 

Come and stay with us aboard Lady White and find out what this life is like!  Enjoy the offerings of Solem Mari Botanical Skincare, Jacqui's very own successful brand of cosmetics using natural ingredients (  Some relaxation, snorkeling, swimming and conversation!


Just email or WhatsApp us and we will be in touch with what you'd like to do for your holiday!     ..Simple.


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