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Congratulations on deciding on your holiday - now the excitement starts.. what should you pack for your stay with us?

We recommend you pack light, so you can take back lots of Caribbean treasures to remind you of your stay here and to show your friends upon your return!

You will need to pack; swimsuits, and a couple of t-shirts and shorts, a hat, sunscreen, daily washbag, hair/shower gel, mosquito repellant and  Flip Flops/old trainers for exploring the islands and that's pretty much it!

For sailing and exploring, we recommend wearing loose covering shirts/t-shirts and swimsuits/shorts with hat and sunscreen.

Visiting the islands, we recommend wearing t-shirts and shorts or a sarong, keeping covered in respect for local customs, wearing flip flops/comfy shoes for exploring.

So you see, you can pack lightweight which will ensure when you do return home you don't have mountains of washing to greet you!

Snorkeling gear is on board, along with everything else you need for a comfortable stay with us!  

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